The kitchen is the focal point of the home, so it's no surprise that "when buying a house, the decision often starts in the kitchen," according to K+BB Magazine. The kitchen is often the make or break selling point, and therefore a high-end kitchen will put a home ahead of the competition in the real estate market.

At McCausland Co., we have 25 years of exceptional design under our belt, providing a great deal of our high-end kitchens to multi-unit projects, apartments and single family homes. We provide strong infrastructure for your large scale projects, and excel at balancing time, cost, objectives and functionality. We pride ourselves on taking care of your project from "concept to completion."

If you are already in contact with a contractor, McCausland Co. Consulting can provide you with valuable guidance to put your project on the optimum path. We provide drawings and specifications to contractors and freight all the product from our partner company in Abruzzo, Italy.