Ricardo McCausland has been an active industrial designer since 1987, when he worked in the field of furnishing systems for commercial and residential spaces. In 1989, he began to create kitchen spaces and design elements with an emphasis on human ergonomic and aesthetic factors.

His creative foundation is a fine balance between form, function, and minimalism. The result; consistently stunning kitchen spaces that take on the individuality of their owners.
We understand our kitchens are designed within a pre-existing space, so their components: color, area, light, and materials, are meticulously thought out in order to ensure optimum organization for work areas in the kitchen.
These elements, designed and based on ergonomics, anthropometrics, and biomechanics create a specialized kitchen that serves as an architectural space for living.


  • 1991- Ricardo McCausland founds McCausland Co., Inc. to design high-quality kitchen and bathroom spaces. Distribution was initially exclusive to architects, dealers, and real estate developers.
  • 1993- McCausland Co. opens a showroom and design center in Des Plaines, IL. This first expansion introduces bathroom accessories and modular staircases to its inventory.
  • 1998- A second expansion of our showroom becomes necessary due to a rapidly-growing consumer demand for McCausland Co. custom designed kitchens and baths.
  • 2001- McCausland Co. opens its warehouse to facilitate its logistical base.
  • 2001- McCausland Co. and ABT Electronics begin their partnership. Our kitchen display opens at their luxury showroom in Glenview, IL. ABT Electronics was recently awarded the “Best Independent Retailer in the USA.” McCausland Co. also opens their kitchen vignette display at Granite Werks Showroom in Chicago, IL.
  • 2002- McCausland Co. introduces its website, www.mccauslandco.com.
  • 2004- The Ricardo McCausland™ brand is unveiled to certify and insure Ricardo’s unique designs.
  • 2005- McCausland Co. renovates and increases the area of its showroom. The company keeps growing and maintaining excellent quality and care for its projects.
  • 2006- McCausland Co. signs a contract with McHugh Development.
  • 2007- McCausland Co. finishes contract with Seeley Development Group LLC.
  • 2008- McCausland Co. opens its new showroom in Niles with the latest displays.
  • 2009-McCausland Co. designer Ricardo McCausland is mentioned in LUXE magazine.
  • 2009- Opening party to present the new showroom to designers & developers. IL Salone degli mobile di Milano in Italy.
  • 2018- McCausland Co. Completes 710 W Grand High-end apartment tower complex.
  • 2019- McCausland Co. Opens its first boutique showroom in the City of Chicago.
  • 2020- McCausland Co. Completes the Millennium on LaSalle in the financial district in downtown Chicago .


Ricardo McCausland´s designs were featured in prestigious magazines and newspapers:

Better Homes and Gardens® magazine
K+BB Kitchen & Bath Business magazine
The Wall Street Journal